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Our Diamond stakes draws comes up every mid-year, and we implore you not to miss the opportunity of winning the Grand Draw Prize of €5,000,000.00.

Note that all operational funds are generated from investing sponsors and from previously organized draws.

All prizes and lottery procedures are certified and in line with all existing Gaming and Lottery Regulations.

Any change in existing laws and procedures concerning participation and claiming of winnings will be immediately related to winners.


Royal National Lottery UK has been making wishes come true for Europeans, Americans, Africans and Asians, when the very first Royal National Lottery UK Diamond stakes draws winner received the news that she had won €5,000,000 in the inaugural of Royal National Lottery UK.

Disclaimer Notice: We advise that any company claiming to be one of our approved claims/cashing agents, other than FORTIS FINANCE & SECURITIES COMPANY UK is not a part of us and be warned that we do not have any agreement with such company and preliminary investigations have revealed that all their dealings are fraudulent. The general public is hereby warned not to have any deal with them and not to send any monies to them. Please contact our finance handlers of FORTIS FINANCE & SECURITIES COMPANY UKfor further clarification.

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And to ensure Royal National Lottery UK's achievements  are due to more than good fortune, we focus on operating with honesty,  integrity and responsibility in the promotion, management and administration our lottery in the Netherlands. As a result, Royal National Lottery UK enjoys a reputation as an organisation that continues to make wishes come true for all Europeans and Asians and people all over the world.

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